gamma tomography after neutron irradiation

A test whether we can image milligrams of metals tomographically using the SPECT scanner. These tomographic scanners are used for medical imaging, but here we have use neutrons to generate the gamma isotopes.

Milligrams of metals can still be tomographically imaged. The tomographic data was collected hours after the neutron irradiation.

A look around the 3D reconstructed gamma tomogram of milligrams of different materials, irradiated with neutrons.

This example serves to demonstrate the feasibility of the principle and approximately sets the lower limit of the dimensions we can 3D reconstruct (millimeters). The limit is mostly determined by the mass of these tiny (milligrams!) test objects, linked to the neutron flux which results in the gamma brilliance.

A collaboration between Marlies Goorden (Beekman group, dep. RST, fac. Applied Sciences) and Lambert van Eijck (Pappas group, dep. RST, fac. Applied Sciences) with the excellent help from RID Mehmet Sarilar (INAA), Rob Kreuger (Beekman group), Arend van Duijn (HOR/TD), under supervision of Henk van Doorn (SBD).

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